Corporate Innovation

5 Lessons from Building a SaaS Corporate Innovation Platform

5 lessons we’ve learned about building a software that fosters collaboration between startups and corporates. Entrapeer, the latest corporate innovation platform.

The 4 Stages of the Corporate Innovation Relationship

The world of corporate innovation as it stands today is a blind dating game riddled with miscommunications and missed connections.

The First Evidence-based Innovation Platform

When it comes to vetting potential partners, case studies just don’t cut it. You need evidence that proves this collaboration can work. That’s where our evidence-based innovation platform comes in.

The Digital Innovation Platform: Not all Data is Created Equal

All those web-scraping digital innovation platforms simply don’t provide reliable data. That’s why entrapeer decided to do things a little differently.

The Top 5 Obstacles to Corporate Innovation

Corporate innovation is essential if enterprises want to survive. But innovation is easier said than done. Unless you find your startup soulmate that is...